About Us

Gatefreaks is a complete portal for computer science. We are not restricted to GATE, indeed we are open to all aspects of Computer science. We are starting the first intensive classroom program in Kurukshetra, Haryana for GATE, UGC-NET and PSU. Besides this we have included training programs in Data mining and Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning which focusses on industrial requirement. Our discussion forum covers all sorts of queries related to Computer science such as linux, Latex, Machine learning, Website development etc. We understand the market demands and aim to develop you and make you capable to face this competitive world. Our objective is to help and guide you. We believe that “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work”. We hope all our efforts reach you in best regards.


Helping engineers across nation achieve their aim.


Enlightening concepts the brighter way.

Founder's Message

We believe that qualifying GATE, NET or getting into your dream PSU is not difficult. What is important is proper preparation which includes understanding the concepts and solving more and more problems. During our time at IIT Delhi, We realized the proper way to study. Studying was so much fun, IIT taught us the way to think. IIT transformed us into true engineers. There is a huge difference between the education procedure of tier three colleges and IIT's and we understand that difference. There are ample opportunities in Indian market if you are skilled. Our motive is to inculcate the correct way to study, comprehend the concepts and groom you to face the competition and reach your dream. Gatefreaks is our initiative to acquaint you with real computer science and studying methodology to make studies more fun.

Sachin and Neha